What the What…?

Here are some weird things you find in french supermarkets.  These photos were all taken in the Monoprix of Aix-en-Provence.  What in the world is a Monoprix, you might ask?  Well, it’s sort of like if Wallmart, Target, and Whole Foods all had a baby together in France.  Yeah, it’s pretty awesome.  But within this awesome magasin (that means store!) there are some items that are definitely unique.

Here it is ladies and gentlemen.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.

1. Les Crackets Cacahuette

            These are basically the small, hard cheetos but instead of being covered in a delicious, perfectly natural cheese powder they are covered in peanut flavoring.  And they are not as good as they sound.

p.s. the text at the bottom of the bag translates to “for light soirees with pirouette.”  so yeah.

2. Creme des Marrons (Chestnut Spread)

Not very courant in America, but the French go wackoo for it.  On crepes, on toast, on ice cream, but mostly on crepes, chestnut spread is an integral part of the french dessert repetoire.

3. Hunter Rabbit

How about some microwavable rabbit for your dinner in front of the tele?  Yeah, nuff said, people would never eat that in America.

4. Crustless Bread (only honey!)

This one really made me scratch my head, because isn’t crustless white bread stereotypically an American thing?  And I don’t even think you can find this stuff at Kroger…

It is described as “the heart of the interior of the bread for the pure moment of mellow pleasure.”

5. Pancakes.

No translation required.  I thought crepes were the thinner, more delicate version of America’s bloated cousin, the pancake?  Apparently not.  Damn you Globalization!

6. Powdered milk.  They are very into it here.  It is very unusual for a french household to have fresh milk that they must constantly refridgerate.  Also, skim is not a thing.

7. This is weird right?  Maybe I’ve just never seen it before…fun fact they are called calamari “doughnuts”

8. Speculoos Butter

Have you ever been on a Delta flight and they say “peanuts, pretzels or cookies?”  Well if you’ve ever chosen cookies, you know what’s next.  Speculoos are a belgian spice cookie traditionally served with coffee, and they taste sort of like a milder ginger cookie.  They are also kind of like crack.  I really have to hand it to whatever person decided to take these delicious cookies and puree they into a spread that looks like peanut butter but tastes like cookies.  I like where your head’s at.

9. CHIPSSSS (pronounced “sheeps” in french)

There are so many weird chip flavors in french supermarkets that I had to do a whole series.  Hold onto your hats!

Self-explanatory, but gross.  The french don’t even like la sauce americaine

Flavor: “The Pleasures of Summer.”



2 thoughts on “What the What…?

  1. Ooo, Cat, you should do a how to about your caramel cake 🙂 That’d be VERY appreciated!
    Have fun in France!
    ~Molly Withington

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