No Good Very Bad Day

This morning started off great.  I got ready early enough to walk to town, and I remembered my ipod so I got to listen to my 80’s playlist while walking by olive groves.  So yeah, pretty good start.

Then I got in town.  And realized that while wearing a skirt with no tights is normal in 70 degree weather in Atlanta, in France it is not.  Not sure how they can get away with putting boobs on billboards but bare legs are somehow offensive.  So I got all these weird stares.

Then I got a text from my host mom chastizing me for eating the rest of a quiche for breakfast.

Then at my work with adorable yet evil 5 year old children the teacher left early putting me in charge, which of course was a terrible idea, because french children need a lot of discipline.  I’ve seen the teachers hitting kids, publicly mocking them, and sending them to the corner of the classroom for hours without breaking a sweat.  They smelled my weakness immediately, and in five seconds they were running all over the playground disregarding my attempts to corral them like the crazy little animals they are.  So I got chastized again by one of the french teachers, who in two words had them standing silently in neat lines.  I don’t know how they do it

Oh yeah and we don’t have hot water at my house.

So I decided to make a dinner as a peace offering for my host mom.  Which is where this probably becomes actually interesting to you.

I started with leeks, aka poireaux, because I’ve been obsessed with them ever since I had steamed leeks in vinaigrette in Paris.  I remembered there was old rice leftover in the frigo, and a brilliant idea popped into my brain.  If there was a lightbulb up above my head it would have lit right up.

FRIED RICE.  Cause my normal comfort food to take the edge off a bad day would, of course, be mac and cheese (real or kraft variety).  But seeing as my host family had a deathly fear of anything containing more than 2 grams of fat, that was not a real option.  So fried rice is was.

Basically I chopped up carrots, leeks, ginger (which I splurged on at the market, but you could use powdered. not as good though), and a garlic clove.

IMPORTANT: you need to let your leeks soak a bit, because they are quite sandy.  Put them in a colander in a big bowl of water like this.  Let them sit 5 minutes.  Drain.

Otherwise your food will be gritty. Ew.

So you heat up some oil in a saucepan (not olive oil, this is asian food dummy!) and drop everybody in the pan!  Make sure its big enough to accomodate the rice later on.  Stir everything around, add some soy sauce and some red pepper flakes, some sesame oil if you have it, and wait until the leeks are wilty and the carrots soft.  Oh yeah, you can totally put anything in this.  Red peppers? Yep.  Mushrooms?  Most def.  Salted caramel butter sauce?  Why not, that stuff is the nectar of the gods.

Then add your rice!  Stir everything around for a few minutes til the rice is hot and crispy.  Then make a little hole in the mixture and drop in an egg.  Or more if you feel like it.  Wait a second and then stir it all around

Miam miam!  That sounds kind of asian but is actually french.

My host family loved it!  And so will you I hope.  Cause I know youre going to go make this immediately for all your friends and family and coworkers.

Also, its been faaaar too long since I posted dog pictures. So here ya go!

This dog barks at me everyday when I come home.  Look at his tongue!

NEWFYYY!!! Pretty much the ultimate dog.  My host family refers to him as “the dog that is really a horse”  Here is in in action of jumping up on the fence and licking my face

Also here is a cat that was sitting right outside his reach on the other side of the fence.  I said it once and I”ll say it again, cats are evil.

So all in all, I guess even the worst days in Provence really aren’t so bad.  Especially when a newfy lives next door to you.


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