Birthday Cheesecake!

This is going to be a short post, because I’ve taken a nyquil and have about 10 minutes before I fall into a wonderful drug-induced slumber.

Yesterday was my birthday!  And a few days before was my partenaire de langue’s birthday, which is where this post actually starts.  Sophie, aka the most cute and wonderful french person in the world, spent six months in Minnesota teaching English to high school students.  While there she decided she loved cheesecake!  Like any good American right?

So obviously I was going to make her a cheesecake for her birthday.  But graham crackers dont exist here, so I made everything better with the addition of speculoos cookies.

Which had to be crushed with the back of an espresso cup (sooo francais).  It was a labor of love.

I mixed in some melted butter and baked the whole thing for 15 minutes. Then let it cool in the fridge while I mixed up this heavenly batter.  I want to take a bath in it.  But that would be gross.

I found real creamcheese at monoprix, then added creme fraiche instead of sour cream, some sugar, three eggs, lemon zest and vanilla.  Tip: make sure everything is room temperature before you mix it!  It really helps.  Especially if you don’t have a stand mixer.  Psh technology.

Here it is all done and pretty!  If I were a real overachiever I would make a creme fraiche/sugar topping and pour it over the top, but I’m not.

P.S. this whole time I was eating toast with REAL BUTTER!  I’ve missed milkfat oh so much.

Sophie liked her cheesecake!  I forgot to get a photo of it all cut up pretty because, well, I was too busy eating it.  And it was good.

Quick update on my birthday (or more specifically, what I ate on my birthday):

Pistachio creme cake from brunch (tiny mushroom so cute! ah! and delicious)

And a hot toasted sandwich from Fanny’s.  We wanted this same sandwich cold, not hot, which is two euros less, but inexplicably they were out of bread for cold sandwiches and only had bread for hot sandwiches.  Even though it was the same bread.  WTF (If you don’t read David Lebovitz’s blog like I do, Welcome to France).

My dear friends Alex and Maddy also made me this interesting flan.  It was not bad!  It’s the thought that counts anyway right?  We dipped bread in the caramel sauce and ate it.

But these salted brown butter (once again) shortbread, Alex’s specialty, were gone in five seconds flat.  Mostly in my stomach. Here is a nice close-up of Maddy eating one.

So that’s it!




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