Vacation Part Uno: Dog Pics

You knew this was going to happen!

Here are dogs I thought were cute/fuzzy/happened to cross my path whilst I was frisking (word?) around Portugal and Spain this vacation.

Don’t worry, food posts are coming too, think of this as a teaser.  Or, more accurately, an appetizer. Ha ha ha.

Let’s go chronologically.  Which means Porto first!  Oh, Porto.  You are so beautiful and have such great dogs.  And food!

This one was just hangin out near a restaurant on the beach.  I felt bad for it and was going to buy it some food but then people pointed out I was being ridiculous.  Also it had a collar.   Sorry I have a large heart.

Onto Madrid, which was a big city and accordingly had less interesting dogs.  I dont know why that works, I think its because people can only have small dogs in apartments and in my opinion the bigger and droolier the dog the better.  There were a few gems though.  Look at this dog it’s waiting for its person who works in the shop!  Dawwwwwwwww. Man’s best friend.


Given its not the best angle, but people sometimes get weird when they see you taking pictures of their dogs.  I guess they just dont understand that their canine friends are going to be celebrities on my well-known blog.

Though I’ve had bad experiences with dalmations in the past (cut to summer 2010 caring for a blind, deaf, 12 year old dalmation that liked to hide in the dirt) no one can ever forget Pongo from 101 Dalmations.  Classic.

This next dog needs no explaining. Basically the cutest dogger ever, found in Seville.  Got him candid using a zoom lens.  You’re welcome.

We’ll finish up this post with a…drumroll…BERNESE! kinda.


He’s a liiiittle bit weird looking for a berner (probably some swissie in his veins) but hey, any bernese is good bernese. Am I right?


Keep an eye out for Part Dos of my Vacation blog post: everything edible.


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