In Which I Sum Up My Whole Semester…and make a lemon buttermilk tart

Tuesday I said au revoir to my lovely home in Aix en Provence.

“Tuesday?” you ask.  “But today’s Monday! What have you been doing all this time???”

Well, thank you for your concern, I’ve been doing a bit of the old post study-abroad travelling aka mooching off friend’s extra beds.  Thanks Alexis, Ayela, and Sally! More to come on this later.

So back to Aix. This blog is mostly about cooking, so I have kind of avoided putting up pictures of my home/friends/etc, but as I just left and am feeling a bit nostalgic here is an overview (in photos, of course) of my last semester.

Ma Maison!  This path looks really nice now, but could be very perilous at night. Trust me.

Cherries!!! Look how they’ve grown.

To the below that’s lavender.

Yes there was a lavender field in my backyard.

And beyond that…

This was my neighbor’s backyard, so I was technically trespassing.  But worth it, right?

My little provencal window and my little provencal room.  I’m in the middle of packing, but who am I kidding, that’s still the cleanest it’s been all semester (much to my host mother’s chagrin…)

Here’s what greeted me when I came home every day!

That face just warms the cockles of my heart.

And then I yell “Askyyyyyyyy” and he runs up to me and rubs his smelly drooly face all over my clean clothes and I just love it.  And then my host mom would say “Asky ta copine est ici! ” which basically means Asky your friend is here. I think they questioned my mental capacity a bit due to my obsession with their dog but who cares! I love him anyway.

Here’s the bus stop where I waited every day for the 20,

aka the least consistent, worst bus from hell ever to show itself in the south of France.

It was either early or late, or didn’t show up at all, and they loved pretending they didn’t see me with my arm up and forcing me to run after them waving my hands like a complete basket case.

And here’s where I arrived every day in Aix, listenin’ to my ipod to look cool and trying to ignore the disapproving looks aimed at my bare legs.

Look at these picturesque sights!

Lolz. Look at this pug dog sitting on its masters lap at a semi-chic cafe.

We weren’t sure if it had just come from a labotomy or if this was a natural state of a pug face.

Here’s a quick overview of a few more aix favorites.

We have O’Shannon, one of theseveralIrish pubs, and then the lovely apartment where my parents stayed when they visited! Isn’t it magical? (rhetorical question)

And here are some of Aix’s most adorable old men.  That one on the left is shelling fava beans in the street!  And that other one was just being cute and old.  I don’t know why old people are better in Europe.  They just are.

So I know I promised you a lemon buttermilk tart, and believe you me it’s coming, but there’s a train tomorrow at 7 am to London that is not going to catch itself!

So tune in next time for lemon buttermilk tart, asky pictures, an overview of my travels, and more witticisms.

Perhaps the best picture to sum up my year in France.


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