Blogs I Love


Laurie Constantino : An Alaskan Blogger with a huge array of Mediterranean and other ethnic recipes

Kim Sunee : Born in South Korea, grew up in New Orleans, spent time in Provence and now lives in Alaska.  Aka awesome.

Smitten Kitchen : Beautiful pictures, solid recipes, self-critical and funny.

Joy the Baker : Cute and hilarious, plus some creative recipes including barbecue onion rings and peanut butter bacon cookies.

David Lebovitz : Ex-pastry chef at Chez Panisse , now lives in Paris.

Serious Eats : Pretty much everything you could ever want, from exotic foods to the best ice cream sandwiches in New York to easy recipes.

Food 52 : Classy and beautiful with tons of recipes.

The Amateur Gourmet : Self-deprecating and very approachable.

Joe Pastry : In-depth and scientific explanations of baking and cooking.  For all those food nerds out there.

One thought on “Blogs I Love

  1. Love the poetry of words, pictures and culture. Thanks to Cat for sharing her love of baking, beauty and the world with all of us!

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