I like to eat food and look at food and make food and talk about food.

I created my first recipe when I was 6.  It was called wet nuts, and it was pretty much nuts that I added water to, thus making them “wet.”  From there I have continued to think up similarly groundbreaking recipes.

Raised in the dirty south, I moved to the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts to study Art History/French at Williams College.  In high school I had my first visit to France, where I stayed with a family who was so astounded with my capacity to eat dessert after each and every meal that they started calling me their “Gourmande,” meaning I was greedy with my food.  However, in France this is considered a very good thing.

My junior year of college I spent abroad in Paris and Aix-en-Provence, and am now in Alaska killing salmon, hiking mountains, and helping two wonderful women with their respective cooking projects (http://www.laurieconstantino.com/ and http://kimsunee.com/blog/).

I also love dogs a lot, the fuzzier and stupider the better.

Please let me know if there are any recipes or food things that you want me to write about!  And enjoy l’Americaine Gourmande.

10 thoughts on “About

    So glad you made this. If I’m not able to participate in your gourmande escapades, then at least I can read about them!
    tu me manques!

  2. C’est Magnafique and tres amusant.

    Congrats, I look forward to more baking inspiration, then I’ll doctor up a betty crocker mix. or get a madelaines mold pan.
    will we be able to post comments to articles specifically?

  3. Cat,
    One of the many reasons why I love you is that you figure out what would be fun to do and then just do it. Kudos to you, my dear, on a humor filled, informative blog. Love it.
    Mrs. P.

  4. Bonjour, Madamoseille Cat,
    what do you reco I bring to a soup tasting potluck to knock their sox off…. but be easy too. I know that pastries are your specialty, but hoped you might have a suggestion in this area, perhaps inspired by Julia herself.

    love, Julie

  5. Do you remember this? Haha I miss you a lot. I wish you were coming home this summer but maybe I can visit you in Charleston too before I go to Peru. Mudge slept in your bed last night and I snuggled with him for a bit and we missed you!

    P.S.- what kind of lame baker doesn’t like the taste of cooked fruit? ah whatever this blog is DEFINITELY bookmarked.

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